Online Casino Customer Support

Since gambling sites have come such a long way, it goes without saying that the customer support provided by each site has also improved dramatically since the first games were played online. While some are unhappy with the general state of customer support at gambling websites online, others are ecstatic by just how expansive some site’s customer service department is. If you ever run into problems while playing any sort of gambling game online help is just a click or a call away which is much more convenient than it was 10 years ago.

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Of course with sites that are new to the industry you can expect a bit of a lag behind in their customer service but with today’s technological advances the learning curve for new gambling brands is smaller than it has ever been meaning that if there are customer service deficiencies they will be fixed in a matter of no time. Below we will briefly describe to you how customer service at gambling websites became what it is today as well as all the nuances featured in the customer service of today’s best sites.

Call Support

When customer service for gambling sites was in its infancy, the only way to resolve problems with games and/or your account was to email or call the customer service department. The problem with email was that some people ended up waiting days before ever receiving any word on the status of their problem. A similar problem arose with calling them because customer service only operated at certain hours of the day and if your problem arose outside of operating hours you were out of luck and would have to wait hours and, once more, sometimes days before resolving your conflict.

Realizing that this was an inefficient way to go about handling customer support, many sites evolved their customer support staff so that they could operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This meant that even if on Christmas, you were playing at a gambling brand and had a problem, you were still able to reach the bottom of that situation without having to wait. Now this is a small advance in customer service that really paved the way for the future and made the lives of players around the world significantly easier.

Live Chat

Live chat customer service is a newer tactic that is just now beginning to be implemented by just about every gambling institution new or old. This, for some people, is favored over calling because not only do they not have to dial a phone number and sit through a bunch of automated directions, they do not even have to leave their computer in order to get their conflict resolved.

Live chat is very simple and allows you to talk to a customer service representative via a chat much like AOL Instant Messenger or Facebook chat. Through this tool you are able to freely communicate and chat with your customer service representative until your problem or issue is resolved. The problem that lovers of this form of customer service support find is that live chat, unlike calling, is not available all the time. Only at certain hours of the day do most sites offer live chat which means that if you are having trouble with your account at 2 in the morning you may be out of luck or will simply have to make a phone call because most sites’ live chat customer supports do not operate all the time.

Personal Experience

The difference between customer support of the past and the online customer support you will find today is the personal nature of the experience. Gambling brands are really beginning to understand that the happier they keep their players, the more profitable the site will be. Because of this you will see almost every site offer players the best bonuses and promotions which can help them earn themselves hefty sums of extra cash. Customer Support is more of a behind the scenes kind of deal but in recent years they are revamping their whole support system to cater to the specific needs of their players.

On top of that, gambling brands are becoming incredibly efficient at identifying glitches in their software and repairing them before they every even become a customer service issue. The fact of the matter is that the brands of today are on top of their game in just about every sense of the word and if problems do arise you can expect them to be fixed quicker than ever before. We have even heard people comment that the customer support offered by their favorite gambling site is better than the customer support offered by cable companies and internet providers. That alone is a testament to how far the industry has come since it was first begun back in the early 1990s.


This last point goes without saying for most people, but it is worth repeating that all information shared with a customer service representative at your brand of choice is all kept private and confidential. No more do players have to worry about account information and other personal information being leaked because the cyber security used by these sites is the most advanced and up to date.

In the past people were wary about sending emails or chatting about things like their bank account and other personal information because there were all types of hackers and thieves who looked to hack that information and use it illegally. Nowadays the gambling sites that we know and love use some of the best technology that money can buy ensuring the safety and security of every last player account on their site. In the past you heard about player accounts being hacked and abused all the time, but since the early 2000s the reports of accounts being hacked have dropped off significantly.

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