Adopting Alternative Cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin Casinos

Digital coins have brought in an undeniable revolutionary disruption in the online financial arena. The way things are rolling out, it is evident that cryptocurrency’s future is bright and that the innovative money system is here to stay. After the inception of Bitcoins, many more alternatives have been developed just when we haven’t had enough of the pioneering virtual coin.

There are so many alternative cryptocurrency types such as Litecoin, Namecoin, Worldcoin, PPCoin, Redcoin, Luckycoin, and Dogecoin, which are the most popular cryptocurrency alternatives. While the basic concepts are the same across these currencies in light of anonymity, secure transactions and speed of transfer, they differ in the sense that each one of them has different operational specifications. It is these specifications that distinguish these coins from one another. It is important to note that the alternative currencies have no central controlling authority and therefore the secret key holder maintains full ownership and custody of the coins.

It is clear that creators of these alternative cryptocurrencies are driven with a resolve to make innovative protocols that will improve and enhance the original mining protocol. Some of the changes made are beneficial not only in the improvement of generating the coins but also on the impact that the process has on the environment. This is of course in light of the amount of energy that the process consumes. The new generating protocols are also seeking to change the speed of mining and also amend the maximum number of coins that can be manufactured.  Just like the original coins, these alternative coins are used in various ways on the internet. Alternative currencies can be used to pay for goods and services online and even as funds in online cryptocurrency casinos.

Alternative digital currencies in gambling

Generally speaking, all digital currencies are a good measure of value and medium of payment. Alternative cryptocurrencies are a very welcome addition to the vibrantly thriving gambling casino industry. The diversity will make a significant difference and deliver a better experience from what has been. Players have in the past had to bear with slow processing times for transactions, as well as having to reveal their identity to all and sundry.  The procedures for doing a transaction with the alternative digital currencies are similar to what you have with the original digital currency. Nothing is different even when it comes to the conveniences.

The process of getting alternative currencies is easy and straight forward: you can merely acquire alternative digital currencies in the financial trading exchange markets. One of the most popular trading and exchange platforms that guarantee access to all coins is Cryptsy. On the other hand, you can choose to mine or tap the faucets to get alternative currencies.

Do online casinos embrace alternative currencies?

The main alternative currencies that we mentioned earlier have had their credibility tested. There are so many online casino sites that readily embraced these currencies right after they were developed, tested and made available for use online. There are plenty of casinos in every nook and cranny of the cyberspace. You can enjoy the use of the alternative currencies in your favorite casinos. There is no limit to the number of games that you can play using these alternative coins. You can place bets on teams in sports betting, play the lottery or indulging in other casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and others.
You find that many of the online digital currency casinos give incentives to players to encourage them to use alternative currencies. There are bonuses on offer for using any of the alternative coins.

What about wallets?

You cannot talk about online casinos without talking about money wallets. For any transactions to happen, portfolios have to be involved, not to mention that we need the wallets to store the coins. The good news is that most of the currencies are compatible with the reliable and secure wallets that are available online. You can also store alternative cryptocurrencies offline in the various hardware coin wallets like TREZOR and KeepKey.


The use of the alternative cryptocurrencies is on the rise all over the online casino industry. Although there is a firm conviction among stakeholders that Bitcoins will still hold top place when it comes to online gambling payments, it is a case of wait and sees. With the innovation and development that is rolling out from all quarters, whichever coin can deliver better value at a faster rate and cost-effectively so will carry the day.
There is no way you can fully know about the dynamics of these beautiful technologies, the best you can do is go online, buy some and get around to using the alternative currencies and find out for yourself what benefits are there in the coins. You, however, need to get enough tips to ensure that you get the best deals when doing exchanges and that you subscribe to the best casinos that accept an alternative digital currency. Check out the various reviews and join the conversations of the various forums in the crypto-world to get insight on how to go about it.

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